Incident Reporting

Reporting an incident

An incident may be reported by:

  • Using the incident reporting form (FRM 702 docx txt); Once completed, it should be sent by email to the following address:
    <soc (a) govcert etat lu> within the required time frame.
  • Using the online form; Incidents reported by means of this form are encrypted prior to transmission thus enabling anonymous reporting.
  • Using the online file encrypt; To securely encrypt files on your computer prior to reporting them to us without the need to install aditional software. The resulting files will only be readable by GOVCERT.LU

Whenever possible, constituents should use the incident reporting form (FRM 702 docx txt). Non-constituents, however, should use the online form or contact our SOC directly by email.

Reported information will be treated confidentially, in accordance with GOVCERT.LU's Information Disclosure Policy.

Report an incident

If you wish to report an incident anonymously, please complete the PGP encrypted reporting form.

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